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Quran researcher: First Surahs revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) refer to health

SHAFAQNA- The religion of Islam attaches great importance to the issue of health to the extent that the first surahs revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) indicate the observance of health.

On the occasion of World Health Day, Mahmoud Javadi, a Quran researcher, said in an interview with Shafaqna: “In the first verses of Surah Al-Muddaththir, which is one of the first surahs revealed to the Prophet, God has given health instructions to the Prophet (PBUH).

“Purify your robes and shun uncleanness “Surah Al-Muddaththir” or God loves those who keep clean “Surah Al-Baqarah” are among the most important emphases that God has explicitly reminded in the Quran that all of them indicates the importance of health and cleanliness in Islam, he added.

According to him, not only in the verses of the Quran, but also when we look at the religious commands and rules, we see that health issues appear in it.

Mahmoud Javadi, emphasizing that in authentic Islamic sources, tooth brushing has been recommended many times, said: “Regular washing of body parts in Wudu (ablution) or inhalation of water in the nose, which was recommended to Muslims before Wudu (ablution), is one of the health issues that its importance is now clear in the era of Corona, where doctors recommend to get the Coronavirus out of the respiratory system, pull water up into the nose several times and take it out, which Islam has also emphasized it”‌.

While reminding that observing health measures is so important in Islam that even if water is not available, observing health tips can not be stopped, he said: “For example, in the absence of water, ablution is replaced by Tayammum with clean soil, or Ghusl, which is the same as cleansing the body, is one of the rules of Islam”.

Concerning hair care, which is one of the indicators of observing health tips, Mahmoud Javadi said: “It has been narrated that our Prophet (PBUH) has placed a lot of emphasis on hair care, also about the etiquette of sneezing, he advised to cover the face with hands or with clothes while sneezing, which even today during the Corona outbreak, many experts emphasize the observance of the same etiquette.”

He reminded: “Even in Islamic narrations, the Prophet (PBUH) emphasized on the issue of quarantine to observe health, when the people of the city had contracted leprosy and he warned that no one should enter this city or go out to control the disease.”

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