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Lecture on Abu Talib, the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – the great protector of Islam

SHAFAQNA – The Renowned lecturer of History in Bayero University Kano Prof Dahiru Yahaya has urged the Muslims Ummah to emulate the virtues of Sayyid Abu-Talib A.S who sacrificed his life, wealth ideas and family in giving the highest protection to Prophet Muhammad (S).

Professor Dahiru who was speaking at the occasion to commemorate the life of Abu-Talib the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad (S) organized by Resource Forum of the Shiite Islamic Movement in Nigeria at JIN M Guest INN in Suleja Niger State on Saturday 19-Sept-2015.

Professor described Abu-Talib as one of the three stones that led to the successful of mission of the Prophet Muhammad.

The first one was Khadija who had given initial support which made the Prophet (S) comfortable to deliver the Allah’s message; the second one was Abu-Talib (A) who provided maximum support and protection to him when the Idol worshippers of Meccah persecuted and imposed sanction on Muslims; and the third one was  Ali Ibin Abi-Talib who was duly appointed and mandated by Allah to discharge the duties of Prophet after his demise.

He also said those who humiliate Abu-Talib with sand and described him as unbeliever are just attacking the Prophet Muhammad (S) indirectly because it is impossible for them to do so openly, being the uncle of Prophet and the father of Ahlul Bayt (A) who are superior to everyone.

He asserted that the revelation of Salatil Ibrahimiyyah has also confirmed the virtues of Ahlul Bayt and anybody who tamper with them is just wasting his time.

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