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East London Mosque provides Iftar meals to NHS workers & the needy

SHAFAQNA- The East London Mosque will provide thousands of Iftar meals to needy and NHS staff working at a nearby hospital.

Every year, the Mosque & London Muslim Center hosts hundreds of people at sunset during the holy Month of Ramadhan for Iftar.  However, this will be impossible during Ramadhan 2021 due to coronavirus restrictions, and instead the Mosque will distribute Iftar meals to front-line workers at the nearby Royal London Hospital and local people in need.

The Iftar initiative is funded through donations and each meal costs £3 ($4.12). Due to the large number of donations in 2020 and the Mosque’s closure amid the national lockdown, the campaign funded Iftar meals in Bangladesh as well. The meals vary, but there is always a meat and vegetarian option, and fruit, dates and a bottle of water or juice are included.

The Mosque has been providing meals to front-line workers on a weekly basis during the pandemic. The Mosque also provides about 200 people in the London borough of Tower Hamlets with groceries, cooked meals and hygiene packs when needed, Arab News reported.

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