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Shafaqna Dictionary of Shia Islam in Media: Halal

SHAFAQNA- Shafaqna Dictionary of Shia Islam in Media is a multilingual collection of Shia Graphs that explain the words used in Shia News and Shia Media.


In Islam, Halal (permissible) as opposed to Haram (forbidden) is what is permissible from the point of view of Sharia and reason; Whether it is a heart action, such as beliefs, or a physical and verbal action.

“Worship has seventy parts, the best of which is to earn a Halal (lawful) (income).”

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)



Dans l’Islam, Halal (permis) – par opposition au Haram (interdit) – est ce qui est permis du point de vue de la Charia et de la raison; Que ce soit une action cardiaque, comme des croyances, ou une action physique et verbale.

“L’adoration comporte soixante-dix parties, dont la meilleure est de gagner Halal (légal) (permis).”

Prophète Muhammad (P)

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