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Hariri: Pope wants to come to Lebanon after government is formed

SHAFAQNA- The Prime Minister of the Lebanese Cabinet, who has gone to the Vatican, said that Pope Francis intends to travel to Lebanon after the formation of the government.

“We talked about all the problems in Lebanon and they know who is causing the disruption and who is not. There will be trips from the Vatican to resolve the Lebanese issues,” Hariri said after meeting with Pope Francis.

He added: “Pope Francis has told me that he wants to come to Lebanon, but only after the government is formed, and this should be a clear message to speed up the formation of the government.”

Hariri continued: “I explained to the Pope the problems we are suffering from and asked him to help Lebanon. The Pope attaches great importance to coexistence in Lebanon and sees the Lebanese as a single body and a message that emanates moderation and a single life.”

The Prime Minister in charge of forming the government in Lebanon said: The problem in Lebanon is that there is a group that wants to reach out to all sectors, while there is another group that wants a free economy with all countries in the world, and not just inside.

Noting that there are external problems with Jobran Basil and his allies that are delaying the formation of the government, he added: “I asked the Vatican to pay attention to Lebanon and intervene in matters that it can. We are in a very bad situation and we can stop the collapse by forming a government, while there are those who are preventing us from stopping this collapse.”

In response to a question, Hariri said: “My trips outside Lebanon are actually to find out how to help Lebanon, while maybe someone is traveling inside the presidential palace.”

This news is originally published by Shafaqna Persian and translated by Shafaqna English

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