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Online publication of two Ramadhan Magazines (special issues) in Germany

SHAFAQNA- The Islamic Center of Hamburg in Germany has published two online Magazines (special issues) on the occasion of Ramadhan for those interested.

The Islamic Center of Hamburg announced: The editors of “Al-Fadschr” and “Salam Kinder” magazines have placed the study link of these two magazines for free on the Internet due to to the good reception of the Ramadhan special issue and the re-request of the interested people to benefit from the contents of these two quarterly magazines.

These special issues deal with topics such as health, diseases and problems from the Islamic point of view. The importance of Ramadhan, fasting, Quranic topics, holy nights of Qadr and the place of fasting in other religions are other instructive topics of these special issues.

These special issues are in German, and the Islamic Center of Hamburg has published them online as part of its Ramadhan program. Those interested in reading Al-Fadschr magazine can go to “” and the magazine of Hello Kinder can be accessed and viewed at ““.

This news is originally published by Iqna Persian and translated by Shafaqna English 

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