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Pop’s meeting with Lebanese Christian leaders (photos)

SHAFAQNA- A joint meeting of the world’s Catholic leader with Lebanese Christian leaders has begun.

A meeting between Pope Francis and Lebanese Christian leaders is being held in Vatican to discuss ways to help the country’s political and economic crisis. This is Lebanon’s worst internal crisis since the end of the country’s civil war in the 1990s.

The pope will meet with leaders of various Christian denominations in Lebanon. Maronite Christian leaders, Greek Orthodox, Armenians, Syrian Orthodox and Protestants are present at the meeting with the Pope. The ceremony began with a prayer and the two sides went to St. Peter to continue the meeting.

During the meeting, Pope Francis stressed that he would like to come to Lebanon, but that Lebanese politicians must first form a government. Lebanon has not had a government for a long time and chaos has gripped the country. The situation has worsened since last August, when the Port of Beirut exploded. The Vatican’s Foreign Minister insisted that the pope would go to Lebanon this year or early next year, even if the government is not formed.

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