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Pope Francis: Lebanese leaders set aside partisan interests

SHAFAQNA- The world’s Catholics Leader has called on Lebanese leaders to abandon partisan interests and reform their country.

During a meeting with Lebanese Christian leaders at the Vatican, Pope Francis, the world’s Catholics Leader, called on Lebanese officials to abandon their personal and partisan interests and work for peace and stability in their country.

“I repeat, it is important that those in power finally and authoritatively decide to work for real peace, not for their own interests,” the Pope said. He added: “The Lebanese are disappointed and tired and need confidence, hope and peace. The world’s Catholics Leader also stressed that Lebanon and the Middle East should not be abused for foreign interests.

Saad Hariri was appointed to form the Lebanese government last November, following the resignation of Hassan Diab’s government after the Beirut bombing, but has so far failed to form a government. The political and economic crisis in Lebanon is worsening, and the UN report states that more than one million Lebanese are in need of assistance to meet their basic needs, including food.

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