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The holy Quran: The believers must act according to Divine Commands and not wait for the results

SHAFAQNA – The Quranic teachings stress that the believer has a duty which must be carried out and must not wait for the result; because God wants the believer’s duty to be done and the result should not be the main concern. Of course this does not mean that God wants a deed without result, otherwise that deed will be waste of time; on the contrary any Divine Act is carried out rationally and away from being futile as mentioned in Ayah 115 of Surah Al-Mu’minun: “Did you then think that God had created you in jest (amusement), and that you would not be brought back to God (for judgement)?”

So the believer is not expected to carry out futile acts; rather the believer’s acts must be carried out rationally like Divine Acts which are based on wisdom and targets. But as Divine Command requires the believer to carry out his/her duty and leave the fulfilment of the result to God means that as All-Knowing and the Almighty, Allah (SWT) will conclude your act/deed. For example in Ayahs 44 and 45 of Surah Al-Qalam, Allah (SWT) said: “Then leave to God the one who rejects this Message; gradually shall God punish them from directions they perceive not. A long respite will God grant them, and truly powerful is God’s Plan.”

According to these Ayahs, God Commands the believers to carry out their duties and act according to Divine Instructions and leave the result to Allah (SWT) as mentioned in Ayahs 17 and 18 of Surah Anfal: “It is not you who killed them; it was Allah (SWT). When you threw your stones, it was not thy act, but Allah’s (SWT); in order that God test the believers by a gracious trial, for Allah (SWT) is All-Hearing and All-Knowing. That and also because Allah (SWT) is the One who makes feeble the plans and scheme of the unbelievers.”

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