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Secretary General of International Foundation For Reverence of Religions: “Respect and Dialogue of Religions, the Most Effective Way To Achieve Peace”

SHAFAQNA- Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Momeniha, Secretary General of the International Foundation for reverence of religions, said: “Dialogue between religions with practical and constructive measures is one of the most important ways to resolve differences and misunderstandings and achieve lasting world peace.”

He stressed: “One of the basic issues of human societies in the present age is to ensure security, establish a peaceful life and lasting peace. Religious diversity is one of the unique features that societies face and its role in national solidarity is undeniable, but on the other hand, this diversity is now divided in many parts of the world and has become a pretext for political motives.”

“Cultural synergy is the best way to deal with religious diversity in societies, and different religions around the world are always looking for a way to get closer to each other,” Momeniha said. Momeniha considered the effective dialogue of religions as a way to create closeness, establish peace in the world and mutual understanding and understanding without considering misunderstandings and reminded: “Religions, given that they share in the belief in the oneness of God Almighty and through effective dialogue, they can overcome various problems and obstacles to achieving lasting world peace.”

He continued: “War and violence not only do not contribute to the development of religion and religious culture, but are considered to be the most inappropriate basis for an attack on religion.” Momeniha pointed out: “In the divine religions, the principle of not harming others and creating peace inside and outside has always been emphasized, but unfortunately, unfortunately, the emergence of the phenomenon of violence, terrorism and extremism in the name of religion has polluted the minds and created an atmosphere of apostasy among the ignorant.”

The Secretary General of the International Foundation for reverence of religions emphasized: “The religion of Islam has presented the first universal constitution of human rights without attending religious, racial, cultural and sexual considerations and has provided a basis for stability and building a healthy society.”

Interfaith dialogue is one of the easiest dialogues if we pay attention to the principles of dialogue and the necessities of dialogue in establishing peace in the world,” he said. “Different religions have one thing in common, and that is monotheism and theism. The basis of all religions and their doctrines is based on monotheism, and this promises a basic framework for dialogue between religions.” He said: “One of the most important concerns of different religions in today’s world, which sometimes disagree on various issues, is how to communicate effectively.”

Pointing out that not only ignorance is eliminated through dialogue, but also this will be a ground and a prelude to establishing peace, Momeniha said: “Dialogue is one of the most effective ways to establish peace between different religions, which is basically the same in meaning, but in some cases, by ignoring many things, they cause differences among themselves.

He pointed out that the dialogue of religions solves many problems in nations, reminded: “Despite the differences that different religions have with each other, when it comes to dialogue and peace, differences are forgotten. In this regard in the first stage, different religions need to know each other, which helps to establish a good relationship and dialogue.

Momeniha reminded: “Peaceful dialogue helps religions to do so and according to the common goals they have in their sacred books and they all agree on it, dialogue as a factor to establish peace and tranquillity is a sacred and desirable thing.”

The Secretary General of the International Foundation for reverence of religions concluded: “The world today is eager for peace and tranquillity, and if different religions are to establish peace and tranquillity, taking into account differences on the one hand and commonalities on the other, the best way is dialogue, which can be a ground for establishing understanding and common points between them.”

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