Date :Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 | Time : 15:55 |ID: 222701 | Print

Vice Speaker of SISC: Government of salvation should be formed soon in Lebanon

SHAFAQNA- Sheikh Ali Al-Khatib, the Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Supreme Islamic Shia Council (SISC), today (Wednesday 21 July 2021) called for speeding up the formation of a government of salvation and reform, and for abandoning the record of imaginary victories.

Al-Khatib said: “The rulers and leaders, after looting the property of the people, ruined the country and spread chaos, corruption and poverty.” He added: “This is while Lebanon is also being boycotted and besieged by the US government.”

This news is originally published by Shafaqna Persian and translated by Shafaqna English

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