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Qataris respond to Bahraini gov’t media: Shias of Bahrain are more worth of sympathy

SHAFAQNA- Bahrain Mirror: Qataris launched a collective response to what was published by press affiliated with the authorities in Bahrain which stated that Shia Muslims in Qatar are subjected to religious discrimination.

Dozens of Qatari Twitter users tweeted under the hashtag [translated from Arabic] #Shiites_of_Bahrain_are_More_Worth_of_Sympathy, stressing that Shias in Qatar do not suffer discrimination as is actually the case in Bahrain.

One of the tweeters wrote: “He who is of no use to his family is of no use to people.” Another tweeter said, “when the Syrian, Jordanian, or Pakistani is given military posts in Bahrain, while indigenous citizens are not allowed to even apply for these posts just because they are Shiites, we say #Shias_of_Bahrain_are_More_Worth_of_Sympathy.”

Some Qatari tweeters posted videos of dozens of protests staged in Bahrain demanding freedom, justice and political rights. They also posted some of the violations carried out by the forces under the Interior Ministry against citizens.

“Al-Radei Al-Qatari” account noted in a tweet that: “The Bahraini government has not found any flaw in Qatar to attack, so its stupidity led it to accuse Qatar of violating the rights of our Shiite brothers in Qatar. In Qatar we do not differentiate between Shiites and Sunnis. Everyone is Muslim, and the rights of all citizens are reserved, but in Bahrain the punishment of a Shiite is death and murder after his rights are taken away.”

Another tweeter published photos of Bahraini Shia prisoners who are sentenced to death for their political activism. “After the Bahrain regime has torn the Bahraini social fabric apart, we see the attempts of Hamad Isa and his usual stupidity as he desperately tries to work to dismantle the unified Qatari social fabric,” a Qatari tweeter wrote.

This comes in light of a report published by the Al-Ayam newspaper owned by the King’s Media Advisor Nabil Al-Hamer, which claimed that Qatar’s Shias do not enjoy political rights and religious freedoms obtained by Bahrain’s Shias, which also provoked a number of Bahraini Twitter users, who criticized this blatant contradiction, as Shia Muslims in Bahrain have been complaining about discrimination for decades.

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