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Mikati presented initial vision of cabinet composition to Michel Aoun

SHAFQANA- Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati has presented Michel Aoun with a vision of a 24-member cabinet composed of different Lebanese tribes and parties, but without mentioning names.

The cabinet has been well established so far, and it has been determined that the next government will consist of 24 ministers, but Michel Aoun insists on introducing governing posts from the Christian quota, and may not prevent Mikati from introducing two Christian names for ordinary posts, some sources reported.

However, sources in the political force who were briefed by Mikati on the composition of the cabinet said that in his contacts after accepting the mission to form the government, he spoke through a formula that had already been discussed in meetings with Bassil and he had rejected it, and this becomes a problem, especially since last Saturday night’s meeting between Bassil and Mikati was not enough and they need more consultation.

While Mikati is awaiting Aoun’s response to the initial outlook for the cabinet, the same sources suggest that the president will discuss it with Bassil. But his words about not participating in the formation of the government do not seem to make things easier, because he usually says this when he wants to throw the ball in the court of others.

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