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In a meeting with Pelosi, Al-Kazemi emphasised Iraq’s efforts to strengthen peace in region

SHAFAQNA- The Iraqi Prime Minister, in a meeting with the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, stressed his country’s efforts to strengthen the policy of calm in the region.

The office of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi issued a statement this evening (Wednesday) announcing that he had met and talked with the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi during a visit to the US capital, Washington. According to the statement, Al-Kazemi and Pelosi discussed ways to strengthen cooperation between Iraq and the United States at various economic levels, the prospect of joint political coordination, as well as cooperation in the fields of education, culture, investment, and more.

Welcoming the Iraqi Prime Minister’s visit to Washington and visiting the Congress building, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives emphasized the support of members of Parliament for his government’s initiatives and its growing role in strengthening regional security and stability.

Announcing the US Congress’ support for the Iraqi government’s efforts to ensure the success of the early parliamentary elections in October, Pelosi stressed the importance of continuing bilateral cooperation in the fight against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and continuing US assistance to the Iraqi people through involvement in the development of anti-virus vaccines.

Al-Kazemi, for his part, noted that Iraq is trying to do whatever it takes to strengthen the policy of calm in the region, and in addition, it will continue to strengthen reforms, fight against corruption, consolidate its internal security, and create a favorable environment for attracting investment.

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