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Macron Visits Al-Sa’a Church In Ninawa (Photos)

SHAFAQNA- The French president visited the Al-Sa’a Church in Ninawa.

Emmanuel Macron arrived in Ninawa today (Sunday) with Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein and was welcomed by Najaf Governor Najim Abdullah Al-Jubouri and a number of officials. “France will be the biggest supporter of the reconstruction of the Church of the Resurrection and other churches in Mosul,” the French president said during a visit to the church. The church was destroyed by the ISIS terrorist group in 2016.

Macron in Mosul

The President of France arrived in Mosul before noon today (Sunday). French President Emmanuel Macron, who is in Iraq to attend the Baghdad Summit, arrived in Mosul this morning. During the visit, he was welcomed by Najm Al-Jubouri, the governor of Ninawa, and Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Al-Fallahi, the commander of the Ninawa operation.

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