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Photos: Completion of decorative cornice for the grid of Lady Zaynab’s (S.A) shrine

SHAFAQNA- Al-Kafeel Network: The staff of the department of manufacturing grids and doors of holy shrines belonging to the Al-Abbas’s (AS) holy shrine has finished manufacturing the decorative (cornice) pieces, which are located between the upper Quranic and poetic bands of the new grid of Lady Zaynab (SA) shrine, surrounding it from all four sides, with standard specifications with a very wonderful modern touch.

The Head of the Department, Mr. Nadhem Al-Ghurabi, stated to Al-Kafeel Network: “The design, manufacture, shaping and decoration of the cornice is one of the important works in the grid, as these works are done manually by craftsmen who have experience in forming metals. The staffs have been able, thanks to their accumulated experiences, to accomplish this part. Plating this part with gold will be carried out after the completion of the manufacture of the metal parts of the grid that need to be painted, according to the established work plan.”

He explained: “The frieze consists of 14 pieces, each of which weighs approximately 2 kg. It is made of copper and is in the shape of the letter (S) with a length of 128 cm and a height of 32 cm and thickness of 1 mm, and the whole cornice length is (16.78) meters and surrounds the nets on all sides. It is hand-engraved with inscriptions inspired by those of the shrine’s grid of Abal-Fadhl Al-Abbas (AS), and the other from the old grid of the shrine of Lady Zaynab (SA).”

Al-Ghurabi continued: “Each piece of this cornice is subjected to several operations, including the process of hammering and making inscriptions for each piece on the gypsum and then filtering and polishing it using special tools and equipment to reach the final form depending on manual work. After completing this, we start with the process of smoothing the front face in multiple degrees and in stages as well, to get rid of all the lines and impurities, to be ready for the final painting process and installation on the wooden structure, where they are connected to each other and also connected with the sub-parts to be one piece.”

He concluded: “This part, like the rest of the parts, has the advantage of the installation method, which is an artistic, modern and different method, as it is hidden and makes it with the rest of the parts as one piece, and it was used in all the grids that were made in the factory.”

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