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Lebanon: Funeral of Sheikh Abdul Amir Qablan (videos & Photos)

SHAFAQNA- The funeral of Sheikh Abdul Amir Qablan, the former Speaker of the Supreme Islamic Assembly of the Lebanese Shias, began at his eternal tomb in Rawdat Al-Shaheedein.

The ceremony began in the south of Beirut towards the Rawdat Al-Shaheedein cemetery, and Sheikh Ahmad Qablan, the Jaafaria Mufti in the Republic of Lebanon, and Sheikh Ali Al-Khatib, the Deputy Speaker of the country’s Supreme Islamic Assembly of Shias, delivered speech.

Sheikh Qablan said at the ceremony: Sheikh Abdul Amir Qablan was the bearer of the country’s history with all its pains. He was a preacher on the pulpit of the homeland.

Sheikh Khatib also stated at the ceremony: Sheikh Abdul Amir Qablan had supported dialogue, understandings, unity and solidarity between all religions.

He added: “The issue of Palestine was the basis of all the positions of Sheikh Qablan.”

After Sheikh Khatib’s speech, Nabih Berri, on behalf of Lebanese President Michel Aoun, presented the Cedar Medal (the national symbol of Lebanon) to the late Abdul Amir Qablan.

After that, Sheikh Ali Al-Khatib offered the funeral prayer on the holy body of Sheikh Abdul Amir Qablan.

After the awarding of the Lebanese national emblem to the late Abdul Amir Qablan, the funeral procession of the Speaker of the Supreme Assembly of the Lebanese Shias moved to his eternal tomb in the Rawdat al-Shaheedein cemetery for burial.

Rawdat al-Shaheedein cemetery is the tomb of Lebanese Hezbollah soldiers, located south of Beirut.

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