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Must the human being think about passing away from this world? (Part 2)

SHAFAQNA – This story has been narrated by all religious scholars and is one of the famous spiritual contemplations of Sheikh Baha’ei (RA). He was a great Scholar both in both aspects of spiritual and deeds, and he had taught many students and one of his students is the first Majlisi (RA), the late father of the famous (Allamah) Majlisi (RA) [2]. He narrated this story that us as a group of students with our master (Sheikh Baha’ei) went to visit the graves of the deceased (Ziarat Ahlal Qoboor) in Takht-e-Foolad in Isfahan [3].

We went near the grave of Baba Ruknud-Deen [4]. Suddenly Sheikh (RA) asked us: Have you heard anything? None of the students heard anything and so we replied: No. Sheikh (RA) remained silent and said nothing and we went. From then on, we noticed Sheikh’s (RA) situation changed totally; meaning, he paid more attention to repentance, asking for forgiveness and praying than before.

He reduced his work load of teaching and taking part in scientific discussions and educating others and allocated more time to himself. This became a puzzle to us the students that what happened on that day, and what caused this change in him. But the greatness of this master prevented us to ask him what happened. He said: I was more curious than other students, and finally I asked the master, please tell us what happened near the grave. The sheikh (RA) told me: I heard a voice, and it seemed it was from the person buried in that grave and told me: O’ Sheikh, think about yourself! I felt that my death was near and I must go, the voice said get ready to go.

[2] The famous Majlisi who is Majlisi Motlaq and is called ‘Allamah’, Author of Biharul Anwaar is Mohammad Baqir, his father’s name is Molla Mohammad Taqi who was one of the great scholars with many publications and spiritual status, Molla Mohammad Taqi Majlisi was a student of Sheikh Baha’ei (RA).

[3] Sheikh Baha’ei (RA) and his students were in Isfahan (Iran).

[4] A gnostic.

To be continued

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