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Afghanistan: Everyday life in Jalalabad (photos)

SHAFAQNA- Jalalabad is the capital of Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province, and the most important city between Kabul and Peshawar, Pakistan. The city is located on a trade route between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the Torkham border is also close to it. Most of the residents of this area are Pashtuns. The people of this city are mostly religious, so the number of Quranic schools in Jalalabad is more than in other provinces.

The area has now become one of the main strongholds of the Taliban government, the “Pakistani-Afghan Pashtun Forces”. After the fall of the former Afghan government, more than 50 percent of government employees, including the military, border, and customs officials, emigrated. Due to the decrease in the number of military forces in the region, it has become possible for the forces of the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group to enter in a scattered manner, and several suicide operations have taken place in this city.

Jalalabad is the main gateway for fruit exports to Pakistan, India, and China, and is currently being destroyed due to unrest in the region, raising tariffs by the Pakistani government, and the Taliban’s failure to recognize the burden of export trucks. On the other hand, there is a wave of migration to Pakistan through the Torkham land border and people wait in long lines for more than two or three days to cross the border. Currently, one of the main demands of the Afghan people is to facilitate customs affairs for the export and movement of passengers through this border in order to slightly improve the economic situation.

Photos: Behnam Sahvi, Isna

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