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Interpol Chief calls on countries to support Lebanon

SHAFAQNA- Interpol International Police Chief called on the international community to support Lebanon in preventing the collapse of security, chaos and instability in the country.

Interpol Chief Elias Moore called on the international community to support Lebanon, as Lebanon desperately needs support to prevent security collapse, chaos and instability. “I will personally work with Lebanese officials on supporting Beirut to ensure security so that this can happen,” he said in a speech at the opening of the 89th Interpol General Assembly at the Halic Congress Center in Istanbul.

“Cyber ​​operations and their implications for international peace and security have become a reality, and we have entered the age of artificial intelligence and robotics, and as much as digital technology offers tremendous capabilities that contribute to the well-being and development of communities, at the same time, it has created a set of challenges that may be overlooked or delayed, and in the face of which there are dangers that threaten the security and stability of people, communities and governments,” the Interpol chief said.

The Chief of International Police believes that the great challenges require comprehensive global action to address it and the cooperation of nearly 194 countries with Interpol.

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