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Movie Muhammad (PBUH) Screened in Sweden

SHAFAQNA-The Movie ‘Muhammad (PBUH) Messenger of God’ by acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi was screened in Stockholm, Sweden.

According to the website of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Swedish Muslims and non-Muslims both received the film very well.

After the screening of the film, Majidi, who was present in the movie theater, addressed the audience, stressing that Islam is the religion of peace and friendship and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of mercy.

The Iranian director wondered why some Muslims have opposed the movie given its focus on Islam’s mercy and compassion.

He also regretted that while so many films have been made about other messengers of God like Prophet Moses (AS) and Prophet Jesus (AS), there have been just two movies on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), including his own movie and one by late Syrian-American director Moustapha Al Akkad.

Majidi’s epic production ‘Muhammad (PBUH) Messenger of God’ is the first part of a trilogy on the life of Islam’s holy prophet, which recounts the early years of his prophethood in the city of Mecca.

It took Majidi and his team five years to produce the 171-minute movie. With a budget of over $55 million, the religious blockbuster is the most expensive film ever made in Iran.

The film has enjoyed the cooperation of renowned international craftsmen and artists such as Italian film editor, Roberto Perpignani, American special effects artist, Scott E. Anderson, Italian makeup artist, Gianetto De Rossi, and Indian composer, A. R. Rahman.

It is slated to hit the screens in Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon in the coming months.

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