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World Food Programme: 23 million Afghans require urgent food assistance

SHAFAQNA – The World Food Programme (WFP) on Thursday (2 Dec 20121) urged countries to put politics aside and step up support to avert a potential catastrophe in Afghanistan. The UN agency said, with all 34 provinces facing crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity. As a result, some 23 million Afghans require urgent food assistance, a figure never seen before.  This includes more than three million children who are at risk of severe hunger and the life-threatening consequences of malnutrition.

“The international community have very real concerns and at this time we need to separate the humanitarian imperative from the political discussions,” said Mary-Ellen McGroarty, WFP’s Afghanistan Country Director. “The people of Afghanistan, the innocent people of Afghanistan, the children of Afghanistan who have had their lives upended through no fault of their own, cannot be condemned to hunger and starvation just because of the lottery of geopolitics and the lottery of birth.”

Source: UN News

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