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Algeria: In Tamasin region almost the entire population can recite the Holy Quran (Photos)

SHAFAQNA- Sheikh Seyyed Ali Al-Arabi, one of the leading scholars of Algeria and the guide of the Tijaniyya sect, entered the Algerian province of Varqala during his annual visit and visited the Tamasin area as a center for preserving and protecting the word of God.

Upon arrival in the region, he was warmly welcomed by local officials as well as a large number of students of religious sciences and reciters and memorizers of the Holy Quran, and was accompanied by them to the largest Quranic Darul-Quran in Algeria, which is located in the Tamasin area.

The Tamasin area with a population of about fifty thousand people is one of the small villages in the province of Varqala in Algeria. The distinguishing feature of this region is that almost the entire population are reciters of the Quran with different styles. During the past decades, everyone has come to recognize this area as a cradle of memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran and also the base for many Darul-Qurans.

It should be noted that Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali Al-Arabi Al-Tijani is one of the prominent Tijani scholars of religion and the current leader of this sect in the world. He lives in the province of Laghouat, southern Algeria.  According to al-Tijani, the sect currently has a population of 350 million followers worldwide.

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