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Former Afghan MP: Main problem of Afghan people is economic crisis

SHAFAQNA- As the Taliban government passes, more citizens complain about the lack of jobs and rising prices. Ali Akbar Jamshidi, former member of the Afghan Parliament in an interview with Shafaqna referring to the current problems facing the Afghan people and the Taliban government, said: “The biggest problem is that no country, not even Pakistan or Qatar, has yet agreed to recognize Taliban government which has put people in a very bad economic situation. Every government needs legitimacy and If a government is not recognized by the international community, it will certainly face difficulties along the way.”

“The most important current problem of the Afghan people is the economic problem and today we are in the age of globalization and no country can claim to be completely independent,” he added. The former member of the Afghan parliament stressed: “The Taliban must satisfy the people”.

“If the demands of the international community are not satisfied, we may face another serious challenge and problem that will be difficult to contain,” he added. “Only mutual interaction and agreement can solve the problem.”

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