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X-rays to replace PCR Tests

SHAFAQNA FUTURE- Scientists in Scotland have developed a ground breaking Artificial Intelligence-enabled Covid diagnosis test using X-rays that are able to give 98 percent accurate results in no time.

Researchers at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) developed the AI program to assist healthcare staff when “when PCR tests are not readily available”. The scientists have claimed that the program is able to detect the virus faster than a PCR test as the latter typically takes around two hours to return a result.

The technique, which was found to be 98 per cent accurate, will use X-ray technology to compare the scans to a database of close to 3,000 images belonging to Covid patients, healthy individuals and patients with viral pneumonia. Following this, an AI process then uses an algorithm to analyze visual imagery and make a diagnosis.

Source: University of the West of Scotland

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