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Former Afghan MP: “Irresponsible policies of Biden is the main cause of Afghan system’s collapse”

SHAFAQNA- Recently President Biden rejected criticism of his decision to end America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan, hailing what he called it in the national interest of the United States. He said that Afghanistan is not prone to unity and no one can unite that country under a single government. The remarks by the USA’s President provoked a lot of reactions inside and outside the country, and some call it a kind of justification for the US defeat in Afghanistan.

Dr. Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi, Aware of political issues and former member of the Afghan Parliament in an interview with Shafaqna said: “The most important factor behind these statements is the pressure of American public opinion and political circles. A number of US senators – from the beginning of the irresponsible withdrawal of USA’s troops from Afghanistan, which led to the recent developments that challenged the whole process of state-building and nation-building – were highly critical of Biden’s administration.”

He Stating that Biden’s recent remarks are mostly political within the United States of America and said Biden’s speech coincides with the formation of working committees in the USA’s Congress to examine the situation of the country’s defeat in Afghanistan. It should not be forgotten that the recent collapse and transformation that took place in Afghanistan was mainly due to the irresponsible policies of the Biden government.

He continued: “With such statements, Biden is trying to defend the irresponsible withdrawal of the United States of America from Afghanistan and to justify its previous actions in some way.” Sajjadi added: “History shows that with unity and empathy, the people of Afghanistan have been able to achieve great success at various times.” He said that much of the failure in Afghanistan over the past 20 years has been due to the interventions of foreign powers, including the United States.

Referring to the recent crisis in Afghanistan and the current situation in the country, he added: ” These statements are not in the interest of Afghanistan and the region, at least in the current situation.  It poses serious dangers to the international system as a whole.”

He added: The main problems that have hindered the process of nationalization and state-building in the country are the existence of traditional and tribal culture and foreign interventions and destructive foreign policies. Afghanistan is still dominated by traditional and tribal cultures, and in such a culture, ethnic identities and micro-ethnic loyalties replace macro-national loyalties and do not allow the process of state-building and nationalization to take shape.

Sajjadi stressed: “Afghanistan, like any other country, with the developments in the region and national and international conditions, must be helped to gradually move beyond traditional and tribal culture, so that the indicators of rational and modern political life based on macro-national loyalties replace ethnic loyalties.”

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