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Shialogy Courses Specific to Christisn Professors held in Imam Reza Holy Shrine

SHAFAQNA – Deputy of Advertising and Communications at Astan Quds Razavi reported holding of Shi’a logy courses for Christian professors of Canada universities in the Razavi Holy Shrine.

Hujjat al-Islam Sayed Jalal Husseini said in this regard, “Following the letter of the Supreme Leader to the western youth, and in line with enlightening of the young and educated community of the Europe, the training courses were held with presence of 12 Canadian distinguished professors.”

“On the request of these professors, the classes were held aiming at making the youth more familiar with the Shi’ite principles of thought and opposing the Islamophobia and Shi’aphobia”, he added.

Noting that those who seek the truth are searching for the reality of the sprituality instinctively, he said, “The training course was held in the Razavi Holy Shrine with presence of the salient professor, Hujjat al-Islam Dr. Muhammad Ali Shemali, member of scientific board of Imam Khomeini (R.A.) Research Institute, where the conditions and necessities of Shi’alogy and the main Shi’ite historical and religious topics were illustrated. ”

“Besides taking part in the training courses, these individuals also benefitted such programs as Holy Shrine tour, visiting the religious sites of the Holy Shrine and museums, cultural programs, etc.”, he remarked.

Deputy of Advertising and Communications at Astan Quds Razavi added, “The participants were the researchers interested in Shi’alogy taking part in the one-day courses from 9 to 11 a.m. by coordination of Management of Non-Iranian Pilgrims Affairs of Astan Quds Razavi.”

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