250 dead in 3 days of fighting in Yemen


SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Fighting between people and Alqaeda/Takfiri groups are continuing in Al-Baydha province of Yemen. Alqaeda supporters claimed that they shut down an American drone which intended to attack them in Al-Manasekh region. Yemen Press reported that this is the second US drone to be destroyed in the past 48 hours but no official side has confirmed this. Al-Arabia’s reporter quoting Yemeni security officials said that in the past 3 days of fighting in the province of Al-Baydha, at least 250 have been killed. Alqaeda members are fighting against people who are opposed to western backed regime in Yemen. A close source to Ansarallah of Yemen said that about 200 of Alqaeda/Takfiri elements have been arrested by people in the provinces of Sanaa, Zemar, Mareb, Baydha, alhadideh and some of them are nationals of countries such as, Ethiopia and Somalia.



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