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India: Hijab ban threatens education opportunity for Muslim girls

SHAFAQNA- In January, several educational institutes across the southern state of Karnataka banned female students who wear Hijab on the college campuses. They believe that it is a deviation from the prescribed uniform. Due to this, some students proceed towards the Karnataka High Court; but the court held that Hijab is not a necessary religious practice in Islam.

According to experts, now that the verdict has been announced, the majoritarian forces are becoming more hostile toward minorities and people from marginalized backgrounds than before. Thus, any action toward banning the Hijab from educational institutes will be led to annulling the progress on this issue that has been made during the years.

Also, scholars and educators notified that the high court decision may facilitate segregation, as students from Muslim backgrounds may choose institutes which allow them to dress modestly and cover their head. Moreover, parents of Muslim girls are concerned about threats and violence on campus following the Hijab ban controversy.

Professor Jamil stated that if schools and colleges that are places for total development of children and young adults are converted to places for political slugfest, education of all students will be influenced specifically women from marginalized backgrounds.


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