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UN: Export restrictions worsen global food crisis

worsen global food crisis

SHAFAQNA- A top UN’s official on Friday (13 May 2022) warned countries against restricting food exports, saying they are the wrong response to a global food crisis.

Poorer nations have had to grapple with rising food prices for the past two years, but the situation has become worse due to shortages caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine, two major producers and exporters of wheat and other foodstuffs.

In this scenario, governments should “refrain from imposing export restrictions, which can exacerbate food price increases and undermine trust in global markets,” the head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Qu Dongyu, said.

Qu said greater transparency in global food markets via the expansion of a food prices platform hosted by the FAO, and cheap loans to poorer countries to help them meet their soaring food bills, could alleviate the crisis.

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