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Grand Aytaollah Alavi: ‘Promoting Quran culture is a must’

SHAFAQNA- Iranian religious jurisprudent Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani highlighted the necessity of following Quran ordinance and principles adding, “we should always promote the culture of Quran, inasmuch as all issues human kinds are dealing with have been proposed and discussed in the holy book,”.

Making his remarks in a meeting with the members of Darul Quran organization, the grand Ayatollah briefed, “Given that, we must take lesson from the book, taking the cognizance of its teachings in all realms and areas.”

Qom seminary instructor touched upon positive bearing of Quranic principles on Muslims’ inroads made in various arenas adding, “Holy Quran is such knowledge that has great benefits in this world and the world hereafter, helping us in spending a blessed life.”

Highlighting the prime importance of releasing process of Holy Quran, the religious cleric underlined, “releasing Holy Quran in print without mistakes is a crucial issue and to date, Islamic Republic of Iran has paid special attention towards it.”

“Supervision of the foresaid process is an important task,” said Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani adding, “Spelling mistakes can be observed in the hard copies of Holy Quran released before the victory of Islamic revolution.”

“Islamic Republic of Iran is held as a model for Muslims worldwide,” underscored the religious cleric noting, “It is incumbent upon us, thereupon, to give our consummate attention to the important responsibility lies on our shoulders.”

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