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Misguidance and ignorance are the footsoldiers of religious bigotry – Editorial

SHAFAQNA – Islam of late has sat in the middle of a raging storm – accused, besieged and attacked the Muslim faith has been lambasted by state officials and world thinkers, on account its Scriptures and traditions are allegedly violent, bloodthirsty, cruel and downright barbaric.

Many adjectives have been used when it comes to labelling Islam and its people, many bias have been given credence for they fit within a global narrative of hate against the Islamic world.

Islam, the world has been told stands responsible for the evil which has befallen the Middle East: Daesh.

Islam the world has been told seeks to enslave and indoctrinate all democracy loving people on account its faith does not tolerate free thinking.

Islam the world has been told professes corporal punishment to assert its dogma, and its superiority over the masses it aims to command over.

All the above Islam stands against. All the above define and apply NOT to Islam but Wahhabism.

Wahhabism is the indoctrinator, the enslaver, and the axe-wielding monster which calls for the rape, murder, and plunder of all those who dare still deny its legitimacy.

But Islam needs no war and no conquest. Islam needs no conversion and no empire. Islam is self-sufficient in its truth.

Still, historians, thinkers and propagandists are exploiting the corridors of history to demonstrate how very violent, and how very imperfect Islam is. Only, again such bias serves not to tell a truth but to perpetuate a lie so that the truth could remain hidden.

Islam never wedged wars – it battled against those who wished its people harm. Was Prophet Moses a criminal for rising against the rule of Pharaoh and demand from a tyrant that his people be set free?

Was Prophet Abraham a nefarious dissident when he challenged Nimrod’s claim of the Divine and instead proclaimed God to be All Knowing and All Forgiving?

Those Prophets were men of justice and fairness – and if they held the sword it was to restore order and equity, not diktat. The Prophet Muhammed was like them, a man of reason, purpose, fortitude, wisdom, and courage. He was a just and righteous man – so was his House, and so was his progeny.

Islam came to complete and restore God’s commands – it never denied which came before, its words were only ever meant as a purification. It is men, and power which sought to corrupt what was Guidance. It is men again which twisted and exploited the religious so they could wield power over those weakest.

Frontline magazine published scathing article this week against Islam, alleging that its Scriptures are calling for mutilation, and gruesome display of physical violence. The article reads:  “Sharia can cause individual Muslims to do violence upon themselves.”If by Sharia Frontline magazine means Wahhabis’  despicable for a legal system, I would have to agree.

Islam does not enjoy blood, or calls for it. What the Quran offers however is just retribution should its laws be violated – just the Torah and the Bible provision for! Just as any legal body would call for …

Corporal punishment if not encourage, is however a reality we cannot deny – just as we cannot deny that Men are prone to the most abject acts of violence unless offered a system which guarantees order. Men need strong deterrents against abominable violence. Sharia (Islamic law) legislate over such acts as murder, theft, rape, slavery and other crimes. Sharia does what governments and other religions have done since the dawn of time: it structures chaos, drawing a line in between the acceptable and the intolerable.

If Sharia today has become a euphemism for torture it is because it has been hijacked by Wahhabis. Islam in their hands has become a tool of vengeance and oppression.

But Islam is not be blamed for radicals’ misinterpretation of its Scriptures.

To support tits argument Islam, and all Muslims are religious aberration Frontline magazine went on the recall the story of a boy from Pakistan.

“According to France24, on Friday, January 15, a Muslim boy in Pakistan “cut off his own hand believing he had committed blasphemy, only to be celebrated by his parents and neighbours for the act.”

After an imam told a gathering at a mosque after Friday prayers that those who love Muhammad always say their prayers, he rhetorically asked if anyone present doesn’t pray.   Mohammad Anwar, the overly eager 15-year-old boy, impulsively raised his hand, apparently thinking that the imam was asking who among the crowd does, as opposed to doesn’t, pray.

The response was typical: “The crowd swiftly accused him [the boy] of blasphemy so he went to his house and cut off the hand he had raised, put it on a plate, and presented it to the cleric.”

On his way back to the imam, the boy was “greeted by villagers in the street as his parents proclaim[ed] their pride” in the young Mohammad for amputating his blasphemous appendage.”

This story is meant as a cautionary tale against Islam, a warning to all well-thinking “liberals” that Muslims are lost souls sold to a violent dogma. Again Wahhabism would be the culprit here and not Islam.

The same Wahhabism which al-Saud’s billions of dollars have championed across the Islamic world as the ONLY interpretation of Islam to be had.

Wahhabism is the real evil of the story. Wahhabism is the devolution we all hate but many do not know what to call.

Wahhabism is what is eating away at the Islamic world, and it is at Wahhabism you should direct your ire, NOT Islam.

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By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna

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