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Lectures: Karbala Decoded [Videos]

SHAFAQNA- Karbala Decoded is a ten part series looking at the most influential individuals who shaped the course of history to the very fateful Day of Ashura that released, donated and supported by Ahlulbayt TV.

Episode 1- Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan & Yazid ibn Muawiya : Featuring Seyyed Mohammed Mousawi

Episode 2- Abdullah ibn Abbas & Mohammed Hannafiya : Featuring Seyyed Ali Reza Rizi

Episode 3- Muslim ibn Aqeel

Episode 4- Ubaydaullah ibn Ziad

Episode 5- Hurr ibn Yazid Riyahi

Episode 6- Qays ibn Mushir As-Saydawi

Episode 7- Umar ibn Sa’ad

Episode 8- Abbas ibn Ali

Episode 9-Shimir ibn Zuijawshan

Episode 10- Imam Hussain ibn Ali

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Video: The path of Hussain (A.S) (Series)

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