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Hadith Graph: “Every eye shall be weeping on the Day of Judgment except …”

Every eye weeping

SHAFAQNA- The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “O’ Fatimah! Every eye shall be weeping on the Day of Judgment except the eye which has shed tears over the tragedy of Hussain (AS) for surely, that eye shall be laughing and shall be given the glad tidings of the bounties and comforts of Paradise.”


“Ô Fatima! Tout œil pleurera le Jour du Jugement excepté l’œil qui a versé des larmes sur la tragédie d’Al-Hussayn (A.S) car assurément, cet œil sera joyeux et il lui sera donné les bonnes nouvelles des bontés et des conforts du Paradis”.

Prophète Muhammad (P)


Shafaqna’s Collection of Hadith Graph

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