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Video: Advice from Ayatollah Fayyad to believers in the West

Advice from Ayatollah al-Fayyad

SHAFAQNA- His Eminence Shaykh Mahmoud Al-Fayyad, representative and General Manager of the office of the Grand Ayatollah Sheiykh Is’haq Al-Fayyad (may God prolong his life) visited the United States of America during the holy month of Muharram this year (between July 26 and August 24, 2022). Here is the advice from the Grand Ayatollah Fayyad to the believers in the West:

During his visit, Sheiykh Fayyad was able to meet the Shia Muslim community from different ethnicities and backgrounds across the United States. He conveyed important recommendations from the religious authority to believers in the West in general and in the United States in particular. He also engaged in dialogue and bilateral meetings, participated in solving some of the problems that were presented to him, and received feedback to relay the religious authority on the causes of concern for believers in the West.

Shaykh al-Fayyad visited Islamic centers across the United States

His tour included visits to the following Islamic centers:

  • Al-Khoei Foundation, Jamaica, New York
  • Al-Mahdi (AJ) Islamic Center – SIJNY, Hicksville, New York
  • Imam Ali(AS)  Masjid, Pennsauken Township, New Jersey
  • Mohammadia Islamic Associates-Afghan, Paterson, New Jersey
  • Al-Fatemah Islamic Center, Albany, New York
  • Masjed of Imam Hussain, Tracy, CA
  • Islamic Center of Zahra (ICZ, Pleasanton, CA
  • Dar-e Batool Shia Islamic Center, Fremont, CA
  • Fatimiyya Islamic Center, Hayward, CA
  • SABA Islamic Center, San Jose, CA
  • Masjid Al Rasool, Simi Valley, California
  • Jafaria Shia Islamic Society, Anaheim, California
  • Masjid Al-Zahra, South Gate, California
  • Ahlul-Bayt (AS) Mosque, Pomona California
  • Yaseen Educational Foundation, Orange County, California
  • Al-Mustafa (PBUH) Center, Aurora, Colorado
  • Lady Fatima (SA) Center, Denver Colorado
  • Tawheed Center, Denver, Colorado
  • Al-Rasoul (PBUH) Masjid & Center (AMC), Lilburn, Georgia
  • Jaffari Center of Atlanta, Scottdale, Georgia
  • Dar-e Abbas, Lilburn, Georgia
  • Khatam-Un-Nabyeen Center, Manassas, Virginia
  • Al-Hadi (AS) Islamic Center, Falls Church, Virginia
  • Masjid al-Nabi, Chantelly, Virginia
  • Imam Mahdi (AJ) Center, Lorton, Virginia
  • Shahe Najaf Islamic Center, Alexandria, Virginia

The advice of the religious authority

The advice of the religious authority has focused on five areas that are very important in addition to the statement of the importance of the religious authority in relation to imamate.

  1. Preservation of unity
  2. The chastity of women
  3. Raising children
  4. Higher education
  5. Respecting the law

His Eminence referred to these very briefly in this short video.

I.M.A.M. had the honor of hosting His Eminence Shaykh Mahmoud and coordinating visits and meetings with other Islamic centers in the United States. The latter are appreciated for their good cooperation and hospitality, and for allocating time for His Eminence, despite their busy programs during the Muharram season. I.M.A.M. also had the honor of an honorary banquet for the respected guest in the Washington office, in the presence of a number of dignitaries and imams of Islamic centers. Here, some of the most important jurisprudential issues related to the West were discussed. It was a productive meeting and guests expressed appreciation to the Foundation for organizing it.

This initiative is part of the East-West Bridge project under the Hawzah (Seminary) Liason core function of IMAM.

I.M.A.M. offers its utmost gratitude to His Eminence the Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Is’haq Al-Fayyad (may God prolong his life) for this blessed initiative and the concern for respected believers in the West by delegating his son to be among our beloved and dear believers throughout this period.  We ask God Almighty to make this visit and meetings of a great benefit and strengthen the bond between the believers and their religious authority and grant I.M.A.M. the success to provide the best of services to the believers in the West.



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