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“I love Islam”: Australian Christian Woman

SHAFAQNA- I grew up in the north shore which you probably know is one of the most racist parts of Sydney, Australia in my opinion. I grew up thinking Muslims were bad and women beaters. My ex who was a white Australian (like myself) HATED them, and ironically, he ended up being abusive to me. I have never been so hurt in my whole life.

After having to leave and move, I ended up seeing and meeting some Muslim women at my kids’ school and my hairdresser’s. They were such beautiful nice people. The funny thing is, if I passed by a Muslim woman, I would never think of her as a drug addict or slept around. All I could see is modesty and elegance. I was so fascinated by their hijab and niqab. So, I started researching Islam and the Quran. I questioned my hairdresser for hours and absorbed everything she was saying like a sponge.

I remember going past a $2 shop and seeing a slip on hijab. It was on my mind for weeks. So the next time I was there, I spent my last $5 on it. I remember I couldn’t wait ’till I got home and slip it on. Before I even got onto the main street, I felt like a new person. I felt protected. Since then I have been slowly on my path… I do not want to take the shahadah (testimony of Islamic faith) until I absorb everything. So, I can proudly wear the Islamic name without bringing any shame to its name. As a result, it can be beautiful to others.

I love Islam and it excites me so much.


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