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28 Years Death Anniversary of Imam Khomeini (ra)

SHAFAQNA – On 3rd June, 1989, the great Revolutionary leader, Imam Ruhullah Khomeini (ra), passed away. Millions of Iranians attended his funeral ceremony and till today there is no funeral ceremony that has seen such mammoth crowd of mourning people. Before the glorious 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iran was a “milking cow” of British imperialism then after the second World War the weakened Britain handed over its colonialist assets to the more stronger Americans. The Shah of Iran was to the Americans what the King of Saudi Arabia is to them today, a willing puppet to serve and protect the evil agendas of Western imperialism and Global Zionism at the world stage.

The glorious 1979 Islamic Revolution killed the “milking cow” and completely destroyed all is instruments and equipment of exploitation, looting and plunder of Iranian rich resources by the UK and US regimes. Today Iran is truly free and independent nation. But the West never forgive Iran for cutting off it’s filthy hands from its rich resources. West imposed 8 year-old bloody war with neighboring Iraq against Iran, a war that cost more than one million deaths on both sides. West not tired of it’s evil policies against Freed-Iran imposed harsh debilitating sanctions against Iran to cripple it’s economy and trigger an internal rebellion against the Revolutionary Government in Iran. Iran survived and today Iran is among the fastest growing nations of the world in terms of development and progress.


After the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, the leader of the Revolution Imam Khomeini directed the Revolutionary Government to break-off all relations with two entities:the White supremacy regime in South Africa and the murderous Zionist regime in Palestine. These two regimes were close to the Western-backed Shah government that was overthrown by the Revolution. Revolutionary Iran handed over the South African embassy in Tehran to the ANC and started funding that African Liberation organization. After the defeat of Apartheid regime in South Africa, Nelson Mandela established close relations with Iran. The West was angry about this development and high ranking US officials went to South Africa to caution Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela told them in one of his famous statements that “Your enemies will not be our enemies”. He told the American officials that when you tagged us as “terrorists” the Iranians considered us as freedom fighters and provided us with funds.

One of the cardinal principle of the Late Imam Khomeini was his struggles against the three biggest evils that existed in the world today:Western imperialism, Global Zionism and murderous Wahhabi terrorism. Imam Khomeini declared that Western imperialism does not represent the Great Monotheist religion of Christianity. He also declared that murderous Zionism does not represent the Great Monotheist religion of Judaism. Imam Khomeini declared murderous Wahhabism as “an empty cult” in the service of Western imperialism and Global Zionism.

Sadly today there are brainwashed Africans who think Western imperialism represent Christianity. This is grossly wrong perception as the two are totally different. Recently I was shocked when I saw a news report in the Nigerian Vanguard Newspaper that stated: “$1trn stolen from Africa to Western countries in 50 years – UN”. Excerpt from this news report states:

“The UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) says an estimated 50 billion dollars leaves the shore of the continent illicitly mostly to the Western countries, every year. Mr Adeyinka Adeyemi, a senior adviser at ECA, told our Correspondent in New York that illicit financial flow had serious negative development impacts on the continent. Adeyemi also said that at least one trillion dollars had left the continent illicitly over the last 50 years, saying the figures were arrived at after decades of research on the issue. The UN official said African countries did not need aid from developed countries if the illicit assets from the continent over the decades are repatriated. He, therefore, challenged the destination countries to hold their aids to African countries in exchange for the return of these illicit assets to their countries of origin, mainly from Africa.”

Looting of the rich resources of Africa by Western imperialism today pose an existential threat to the continent. Africa is not poor as is widely assumed, Africa is being looted and plundered by the successors and progenies of the evil Western colonialists. African Francophone countries still pay huge “colonial tax” to France while their populace remain poor and impoverish. The West imposes corrupt leaders in African countries to facilitate their looting and plunder of huge African resources. Africans should learn from Iran, Africans should learn how Iranians cut off the filthy hands of Western imperialism from their country and freed their nation.

Movements towards Africans emancipation, liberation and true freedom need great leaders. But the West will not sit idle and watch these Movements grow and become successful. The West will use their African puppets to target those Movements and kill their leaders. This is the main reason why Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky of Nigeria was recently targeted by the Nigerian tyrant Buhari. More than one thousand of his followers were brutally slaughtered by heavily-armed Soldiers sent by President Buhari and they dumped the dead bodies of their victims in mass graves at night to bury the evidences.

On a final note, our heartfelt condolences to all those who chose to live free for the death anniversary of Revolutionary leader Imam Khomeini. God bless him and eternally rest his soul!

By Harun Elbinawi for Shafaqna

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