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Study finds low religiosity related to increased risk for Parkinson’s disease

low religiosity Parkinson’s disease

SHAFAQNA- A study published in the Journal of Religion and Health found that low religiosity in adulthood is related to an increased risk for developing Parkinson’s disease among the populations in England and the United States.

A relationship between Parkinson’s disease and low religiosity, engagement in religious practices, and measures of self-transcendence, compared to age-matched control groups has been found in several cross-sectional studies.

In a study that explored the temporal relationship between low religiosity and the development of Parkinson’s disease, it was found that lower religiosity at baseline was related to a higher risk of developing Parkinson’s disease even when the analysis was restricted to participants who professed a religious affiliation. In comparison with religious individuals who reported religion was very important, those who reported that religion was not at all important in their lives had more than ten times the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

The individuals who reported that spirituality (but not religion) is highly important for them as well as those for whom neither was deemed very important were at greater risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, compared to those who reported religion as very important. Also, this was true for individuals who experienced a decline in their level of religiosity in comparison to those who reported no change.
The study scholar concludes that if these findings are replicated by other researchers, they could prove important in recognition of global trends in the incidence of Parkinson’s disease.

Source: PsyPost



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