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The New Arab: Lebanese University is taking its last breath

SHAFAQNA- “It is not an exaggeration if we say the Lebanese University that hosted ten thousand students during recent years is now subjected to clinical death and is taking its last breath under the shadow of burdensome economic crisis in this country which threatens the fate of professors, administrative staff and students,” the New Arab wrote.

According to Shafaqna Translation Service, quoted from the New Arab wrote, the Lebanese University is the only public university of Lebanon that is managed with financial support of the government under the supervision of the Republic of Lebanon Ministry of Education and Higher Education. At the same time, it is the biggest and most diverse university in terms of academic discipline and the cheapest university in terms of tuition fee in this country. An entrance examination is held for entering the academic disciplines of this university. It has branches in all big cities in Lebanon. For this reason, it is regarded as the Lebanese University too.

The language of instruction is Arabic in some disciplines, English in some disciplines and French in some others. For instance, academic disciplines in humanities are generally presented in Arabic and medical sciences and technical disciplines are in French and English. The Lebanese University has several faculties so that all technical mathematics, humanities, and biological and medical sciences disciplines have bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and PhD.

The tuition fee is relatively free for Lebanese nationals, but foreign nationals have to pay 400 to 1300 US dollars for each academic year in terms of academic discipline. Despite the fact that the academic year 2022-2023 is going to start, the Lebanese University has not already held the second semester examinations of the last academic year. Naturally, this has faced the beginning of the new academic year with serious problems.

Moreover, most faculties of the Lebanese University are now holding entrance examinations to attract new students that usually many people enrol there. And private universities are waiting to announce its results, because the people who are not accepted in this university usually enrol in private universities which receive high tuition fees based on course in each semester depending on humanities, medical and engineering disciplines.

To make it clear, it should be noted that the students and professors do not know exactly whether or not the new academic year will begin under the shadow of the current economic crisis especially that most public institutions like the Lebanese University are faced with severe lack of budget.


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