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UN’s Chief warns against dangerous rhetoric & Islamophobia

dangerous rhetoric

SHAFAQNA- United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres warned against “dangerous rhetoric” fuelling nuclear threats around the world. Guterres said “forces of discord” were waking up “old demons” including antisemitism and Islamophobia.

“Growing divisions are threatening global peace and security, provoking new confrontations and making it all the more difficult to resolve old conflicts,” Guterres told a conference in Morocco. “Dangerous rhetoric is raising nuclear tensions,” he warned.

“At the same time, we are dangerously close to the edge on the climate, while hate speech and disinformation are proliferating.” He was talking as Russia’s war in Ukraine neared its tenth month with no end in sight, fanning nuclear fears.

“In this troubled world, we must ease tensions, foster inclusion and social cohesion, and bring about more united and resilient societies,” he said.

Source: france24

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