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Only ask God for all your needs

SHAFAQNA – It has been mentioned in narrations that whenever you want to speak to God, perform Salaat, perform recommended (Mostahab) Salaats. It has been narrated that it is not right when a person’s Whudu has become void (Batel) and he does not renew it. It is not right when a person has performed Whudu and does not perform 2 Rok’ats recommended Salaat. It is not right when a person has performed 2 Rok’ats recommended Salaat and does not raise his hands to ask God for all his requests.

If a person does all that, God will grant his wishes. The point is, we are sluggish and lazy, we do not ask God, we must raise our hands and beg God continuously to grant our wishes. If it is to our benefit, God will grant our wishes and if it is not, God will keep the requests and will grant them on the Day of Judgment [1].

[1] Ethical advice by the late Ayatollah Mojtahedi, Darul Ershad Website, 9 June 2015.

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