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Is it right to teach others how to apologise?

SHAFAQNA – The human being should learn the proper way of offering apology where and when necessary. The holy Quran teaches and encourages people to learn this important skill. For example throughout the Surah Al-Yusuf, the Prophet Yusuf (AS) made his brothers aware of their wrong doing and then tought them how to apologise in the proper manner, Ayah 89 of Surah Al-Yusuf mentions: “He said: Do you know what you did to Yusuf and his brother while you were acting out of ignorance?”

Ayah 111 of the same Surah says: “There is a lesson in their story for prudent person. It is not some report which has been invented but confirmation of what has existed previously and an analysis of everything, as well as guidance and mercy for those who believe.”

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