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Bahrainis call for an end to sectarianism

SHAFAQNA – Sheikh Mohammad Sanqoor, Friday prayer leader of Sanqoor, in Daraz district, Bahrain, in his weekly sermon referred to opposition of sectarianism with religious commonalities and warned against sectarianism as a plague which collapses societies.

He said,” Those who spread sectarian prejudices are absolutely ignorant of religious and national commonalities and this leads them to excommunicate even their very close next of kin.” slamming their narrow mindedness, vengefulness and jealousy towards others saying calling a person with sectarian views as an agent of sabotage in society.

He referred to diversity of religions and denominations across the globe and said,” Diversity does not necessarily mean clashes or disagreements; rather it is a natural feature of life which keeps the citizens in coexistence with each other.”

“Diversity does not equal irreligiousness but it is sectarianism which is the reason for irreligiousness and extremism.” Said the Bahraini cleric and added,” Sectarianism means vengefulness and a feeling of superiority towards those with other religious or ethnicities which leads to a greed for interests for oneself or a certain denomination.

Friday prayer leader of Daraz also noted,” Such a viewpoint will lead to conquer of sectarianism over politics and negative views on decision making.” and added,” Division and dispersion in a society are the result of this outlook and it has no end but massacre and domestic war.”

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