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Secret of Islamic Revolution’s success in Iran: All people strive in framework of Islamic concepts

Islamic revolution of Iran

SHAFAQNA | by Leila Yazdani: On the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution victory, Western Media Narratives, maintain that the 1979 revolution of Iran was hijacked by Islamists. But the events of 1979 and the immediate aftermath of the revolution reveals that this narrative is false.

Ideals and concepts such as equality among people, freedom, justice and so on were influenced by Islam and found their places on minds of people. When such concepts came into the minds of our Iranian people, the revolution of Iran prevailed and spread every where.

February 11, 2023 marks the forty-fourth anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. At this time, Western Medias have an annual discussion on what has happened to Iran since 1979 and debate the many facets of the Islamic revolution that led to the ouster of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Some Western Media Narratives, maintain that the 1979 revolution of Iran was hijacked by Islamists led by the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (RA). Looking back at the events of 1979 and the immediate aftermath of the revolution, however, reveals that the narrative of a stolen revolution is false.

As Max Weber, the famous sociologist has said; if we want to find out how much an element has had role in occurrence of a social event, we should think for one moment and imagine how that situation would be if that factor was omitted. And we should see if that event occurred without that factor.

Different social groups call for Islamic government

The 1979 revolution brought together Iranians across many different social groups.  Almost the entire intellectual community and modern educated groups to rally behind Ayatollah Khomeini and his call for Islamic government.

World’s greatest welcoming

People welcomed Imam Khomeini in a unique way when he entered our homeland on February 1979.

There’s no doubt that welcoming Imam Khomeini on February 1st,1979, was the world’s greatest welcoming. Although people had attended in the welcoming ceremony of other clergymen too, but Imam Khomeini’s arrival was so important that people had been planning everything for long time.

According to the Etelaat newspaper report of Thursday, February 1 1979, various groups had come to Mehrabad to welcome Imam Khomeini. “Clergymen and their students, Sunni brothers, religious minorities, political parties and societies, university professors, judges and lawyers, human rights societies, employees of private sector and deputies from provinces, common syndicate of oil industries, farmers, workers, teachers and… .

The “Yes” vote won overwhelming

The revolutionary government held a referendum in March 1979, asking the electorate to vote “yes” or “no” on whether they wanted an “Islamic Republic.” The “yes” vote won overwhelming. 98.2 percent of eligible people in 1358 [1979] voted to establishment of Islamic Republic Government.

Flag Holders of the Islamic Revolution

Which people carried the flag of the Islamic Revolution on their shoulders? Was it just one particular sector of people? Or was it the whole people? There is no doubt that this vast and wide spread revolution included all groups and sectors of the society. And even the deprived groups of people participated in the demonstrations. They insisted to say that their demonstration was not due to low salary. They insisted to say that their demonstration was because of executing Islamic rules.

The Book “Roots of Iran’s Revolution”: Social and political dissatisfaction mixed with original Islamic connection

Ms Niki Cadi starts the Book “Roots of Iran’s Revolution”? with the question if Iran’s revolution was religious, political or social revolution or another thing? Then she answers: “It seems that the revolution of Iran was a combination of all of them; because social and political dissatisfaction during tens of years had been mixed with the original Islamic connection between different sectors of people who presented a new commentary on religion that justified revolutionary ideas. And then this dissatisfaction spread in the society.”?

Islamic Revolution From the point of view of Imam Khomeini

We should seek for the secret of occurrence of the Islamic Revolution in change in spiritual mood of people; it means belief and seeking Islam, asking for establishment of the Islamic Government, putting trust in God, seeking martyrdom and unity of the nation based on Islamic basis and self confidence.

In other words, Imam Khomeini believed that finding a new understanding about religion, relying on God and putting trust on him, unity among all people and the fact that people became aware of the pressure of lack of freedom and the corrupt actions of the Pahlavi Regime caused occurrence of the Islamic Revolution.

Nature of the Islamic Revolution from the Point of View of Professor Motahhari

This revolution was an Islamic revolution in our opinion. But the meaning of “Being Islamic”? should be clarified. It is obvious for us that “Islam”? is not mere spirituality as the westerns think about religion- and it is true not only about the current revolution but also about the revolution at the time of appearance of Islam. The revolution at the time of appearance of Islam was a political revolution while at the same time it was religious and Islamic  revolution.

And it was also spiritual and political revolution. It was economic and materialistic revolution too. It means that being free from earthly limitations, freedom, justice, being against social prejudice and social gap were included in the Islamic lessons. This great treasure of humanitarian values that were hidden in the Islamic lessons became part of knowledge of people in Iran since 20 years after the appearance of Islam. These values were spread by a number of good and real Islamologists. It means that it was told to people that Islam is the religion of justice. Islam is opposed to prejudice among different sectors of the society. Islam is the religion of freedom and having free soul. This way, in addition to spirituality, other ideals and concepts such as equality among people, freedom, justice and so on were influenced by Islam and found their places on minds of people.

When such concepts came into the minds of our people, the recent movement of Iran prevailed and spread every where. This movement was both in villages and cities. It was started and continued by both deprived people and the rich people, the workers and farmers, business men and other ordinary people who did not do business, intellectual people and ordinary people.

The reality is that many groups made efforts to lead the movement; but they did not achieve any success in this field. And the leader was chosen spontaneously.

Imam Khomeini became the leader of the revolution because he had the characteristics and advantages of a leader such as being honest, brave, open mind and decisive. In addition to that, Imam Khomeini was in the ideological path that was conformed to the Iranian people’s ideas and needs.

It was impossible that Iranian’s movement and revolution spread this much vastly all around the country if Imam Khomeini was not the religious and Islamic leader of this movement and if the Iranian people were not deeply familiar with Islam in their hearts

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