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Muhammad (PBUH) in books of prophets before Abraham (AS)

SHAFAQNA- Muhammad (PBUH) in the books of the prophets before Abraham (AS):

In other religious books of the prophets, the prophet of the end of time is also mentioned. including the book of Isaiah, the Prophet (PBUH), in Chapter 42, Verses 1 to 9, it is mentioned: “Behold, my servant whom we rely on, and my chosen one (Mustafa), in whom my soul is satisfied, I pour out my spirit on him in order to issue the ruling for the tribes. (2) He will not shout or raise his voice and make it heard in the streets (he will not raise his voice in the streets), (3) He won’t break the gaped straw. He will not turn off the light, to issue a verdict. (4) He will not neglect and will not hasten until he puts the verdict on the ground and the islands are waiting for his Sharia. (5) (Bliss Way, p. 250). In this part of this book, “my chosen one” refers to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the meaning of “island” is also the Arabian Peninsula where the Messenger of God (PBUH) appeared, although Jewish interpretations have attributed this person to other prophets or to Cyrus.

In Verse 3:4 of the Book of Habakkuk, the Prophet (PBUH), who was one of the ten prophets of Bani Israel, who had a book, but he was not an arch prophet, it is stated: “God came from Timan and the Holy One from Faran, and the shadow of glory covered the heavens, and the earth was filled with his praise, his brightness was like light, the rays were visible from his hand and the camouflage of his strength was in it… I saw the tents of Kushan having anxiety and the curtains of the earth of Midian shaking… Ah” ( Bliss Way, p.251).

According to Allameh Shearani, in this Verse, the meaning of the Holy One from the land of “Paran or Faran” is the same Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), especially because it is emphasized that the curtains of the earth “Midian” (Madha) which are the pillars of the emperors’ palaces will tremble at the time of his birth or his mission, as this event happened at the time of his mission( It should be noted that contrary to the opinion of Allama Shearani, these events happened during the birth of the prophet and not during his mission time, Researcher).

Seyyed Bin Tawoos writes in the book “Saad Al-Saud”: In the book of Idris, the prophet (PBUH) the qualities and attributes of the holy prophet (PBUH) are described in the most appropriate way as follows: I called Mustafa, the Prophet and Murtaza, my righteous for my sincere and pious servants. Muhammad (PBUH) is the prophet and the messenger and the pious believers are his companions from among his people. The Almighty God addressed Adam (AS): O’ Adam, look at your descendants, and Adam (AS.) saw among his descendants a group whose light covers all the horizons and has a special brilliance.

Hazrat Adam (AS) asked: Lord! who are they? God said: These are the prophets from your generation. Hazrat Adam (AS) asked again: How many are they? God said: There are one hundred and twenty-four thousand prophets, three hundred and fifteen of them are messengers. Hazrat Adam (AS) said: O God, why is the light of the last person in the line of prophets brighter than all others? God said: Because of his superiority over all prophets and saints. He asked: Who is this prophet? And what is his name? God said: This is Muhammad, the sent prophet, trusted, noble, confidential, chosen, pure and innocent, beloved, friend, the most cherished, the most beloved, the closest and the best known of my creations.

He is superior to all of them in terms of knowledge, meekness, faith, certainty, honesty, charity, chastity, modesty, piety and obedience. For him, I have made a covenant with the bearers of my throne and other creatures in the heavens and the earth to believe in him and acknowledge his prophethood, O’ Adam, believe in him in order to increase your rank and dignity, and grace of light for me. Hazrat Adam (AS) said: I believe in God and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), God said: I have also increased your grace and dignity, O’ Adam, you are the first of my prophets and your son Muhammad (PBUH) is the last of them. (Saad Al-Saud, P. 35)

This text is written by Mohammad Saeid Taheri Moosavi & translated by Fatemeh Aghaei for Shafaqna English. All rights reserved for Shafaqna. 

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