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Will Syria return to its normal position in Arab League? Lebanese Politician answers in an interview with Shafaqna

SHAFAQNA- “The political relation with Damascus has not stopped and continues, and more than Syria this issue is in favor of Lebanon,” Ghazi Zaiter, a member of the Hizb Al-Bina’ wa Al-Tanmiya (the Building and Development Party) in the Lebanese Parliament said.

In an exclusive interview with Shafaqna Lebanon, Zaiter emphasized the fraternal and historical relations between Lebanon and Syria and said: “Despite some political positions that implement the agenda of foreigners and act against national interests, these relations should reach their best form.”

He pointed out that “the recent trip of the Lebanese parliamentary delegation to Syria took place within the framework of the Parliamentary Brotherhood and Friendship Committee between the two countries and has nothing to do with the repeal of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act and was planned before the recent earthquake”, and added: “This trip and meetings that took place in Syria were for the purpose of condoling and supporting Syria in this tragedy, but soon periodic and reciprocal trips and meetings between the two countries will be held in order to strengthen brotherly cooperation and exchange experiences between the parliaments of the two countries.”

Concerning Lebanon-Syria relations, Zaiter emphasized: “Political relations with Damascus have not stopped and continue, and more than Syria this issue is in favor of Lebanon. But from the Arab point of view, despite the conspiracy and the world war against Syria, the leadership of this country has insisted on Arab solidarity and support for Lebanon despite the propaganda that was launched against this country.”

“The fraternal and prominent relationship with Syria is primarily for the benefit of Lebanon, because Syria has always stood by the issues of Lebanon and Arab countries and has never given up such support,” he continued.

According to this Lebanese representative, the information received indicates that Damascus International Airport will soon be the scene of the delegations of other Arab countries to Syria, and this means that the train of Syria’s return to its natural place in the Arab League has started.”

It should be noted that after the visit of the Lebanese parliamentary delegation to Syria, the heads of the parliaments of other Arab countries, including Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and the Sultanate of Oman, visited Syria and met with the officials of this country and expressed their condolences to the Syrian authorities because of the tragedy of the recent earthquake.

In this regard, Hanafy Ali El-Gebali, the Speaker of the Egyptian House of Representatives, said in a conversation with the Syrian News Agency:”Syria will soon return to its normal place in the Arab League.”

Source: Shafaqna Persian

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