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HRW’s Executive Director continues her condemnation of Bahrain via Twitter

Human Rights Watch

SHAFAQNA- Tirana Hassan, Human Rights Watch’s Acting Executive Director, published a series of tweets through which she condemned Bahrain over its human rights record.

Tirana asked in one of her tweets about the worries that made the Bahraini authorities revoke the staff’s entry visas and then answered that the entry of these two representatives will contribute to “exposing years of torture, arbitrary detention and repression in Bahrain,” she added: “I documented many of these abuses in 2011 when they crushed the uprising.” She attached a link of a report issued by Human Rights Watch entitled “You Can’t Call Bahrain A Democracy”.

In another tweet, Tirana addressed MPs participating in the conference saying “Here is some recommended reading: Last year, Human Rights Watch released a report on political isolation laws used to keep political opponents from running for parliament seats or even serving on the boards of governors of civic organizations.”

Source: bahrainmirror

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