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Will Iran-Saudi agreement solve differences in Lebanon? Lebanese analyst answers in an interview with Shafaqna

SHAFAQNA- “The agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia has taken place between two countries that have more consensus than differences, and its timing is surprising because it was being worked on in silence,” Lebanese political analyst Hassan Aldar said in a conversation with Shafaqna Lebanon.

According to Shafaqna, Aldar pointed out that this agreement is the biggest reason for changing international politics and the balance of power in the world, and this is what China, Russia, and Iran have in mind, i.e. multipolarity instead of unipolarity of USA, and he continued: “This agreement affects the forms of international policies to such an extent, but if it is not destroyed by the western factions. In addition, such an agreement is a positive and bold step for Saudi Arabia.”

In response to the question whether this agreement will have a new and surprising change on the situation in Lebanon or not? He added: “The headlines of the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia are summarized in the four areas of Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, and during the two months dedicated to the resumption of diplomatic relations and the reopening of embassies and diplomatic representatives, the knots will be untangled one after the other in all places of conflict.”

Pointing out that the biggest knot in Lebanon is the election of the president, the Lebanese analyst said: “Undoubtedly, the solution will start from there, and we are closer than ever to filling the presidential place, and promising words are heard.”

Aldar further pointed out that the chance of Suleiman Frangieh to reach the position of Lebanon’s president is greater than others, and clarified: “Lebanon is ultimately a country of compromise. Some believe that the name of Frangieh was proposed based on an agreed candidate, while his relationship with Arab countries, Syria and all Arabs is good and not hostile in nature.”

“The perspective of the Lebanese political process was blocked before the announcement of the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and as soon as this agreement was announced, the tone of the words changed and had a positive impact on everyone,” Aldar continued.

“If the agreement is reached without foreign interference, we will witness a stage similar to the stage of 1975 after the end of the civil war and the start of action based on the Taif Agreement, which will be a new political stage for Lebanon because since 2005 In other words, in the years after Rafiq Hariri’s assassination, Lebanon went through various wars, assassinations, explosions, and Israeli and Takfiri wars, and the last one is economic, which is the last season of confrontation, and after the failure of the efforts, the parties have turned towards this agreement with the belief that an agreement will be reached,” The Lebanese political analyst added.

Referring to China’s mediation for agreement between Iran and Lebanon, the Lebanese political researcher said: “After the West worked for twenty years to feed sedition between the two countries to force them that Iran is the main enemy, not Israel, China intervened and within a few months, it was able to create agreement between the two countries.”

“In recent years, China has overtaken USA as a major economic power, and today the diplomatic role of this country is emerging with its famous policy of not interfering in the affairs of other countries. This country always talks about the territorial integrity of countries and the right of nations to determine their destiny,” He added.

“There is a concern that Israel and USA will try to destroy this agreement because this action of Saudi Arabia is very historic and bold,” Aldar warned.

Source: Shafaqna Persian

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