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Some people suffer from hidden Shirk

SHAFAQNA – The human beings do good deeds but then they remove all the (Divine) blessings they have gained from those good deeds with some other acts or sayings; like saying to someone else: First God and then you; which is considered as the hidden Shirk (ascribing others beside God) as mentioned in Ayah 106 of Surah Yusuf says: “And most of them do not believe in Allah (SWT) unless they associate (others) with God.”

Commenting on the above holy verse, Imam Sadeq (AS) said: If the human being say: If it was not for such a person, I would have been destroyed or if it was not for such a person, my family would have been destroyed; can’t you see by saying these words, partners have been ascribed to God who provides sustenance for him, defends him and removes difficulties from him? The narrator said: I asked Imam (AS), can the saying be like this: If God would not have helped me through such a person, I would have been destroyed? Imam Sadeq (AS) replied: Yes, there is no problem in that [1].

[1] Tafseer Al-Ayashi, Vol. 2, Page 200, Hadith 96.

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