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Germany: Daily Experience of Islamophobia

Islamophobia in Germany

SHAFAQNA- Many of the 5.5 million Muslims in Germany say they experience discrimination every day.
The sky over the eastern city of Erfurt was bright blue; the windy air was cold. The new Ahmadiyya Mosque in Erfurt-Marbach finally had a minaret. It towers 9 meters (30 feet) high. It is part of what will be the first new building of a Muslim place of worship on the territory of the former socialist GDR.

A crane was necessary to piece together the five round elements that make up the minaret. Every one of them weighs several tons and they had to be fitted together with utmost precision.

Malik said it took months to contract a crane for such heavy lifting on such muddy ground. He said construction companies that were ready to do the job then backed out again, intimidated by racism, right-wing radicalism, and Islamophobia.

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